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Well You Are Not Alone!

According to a study carried out by a Bank in U.S., 82% of small businesses fail due to challenges associated with cash flow. These challenges are not limited to the amount of money flowing in and out of the business but also include challenges with delayed invoices, proper bookkeeping, budgeting and so on.

However, all hope is not lost and there is something YOU can do about this.

With the right financial expertise and a solid financial foundation, you can turn those money struggles into money success. And that my fellow business owner is where we partner with you to put you in a position of financial empowerment fully aligned with the way you run the rest of your business for long term growth and success.

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Get Financially Organized

Gain clarity in knowing your numbers with ease and simplicity and help with decision making.

Keep More Money

Keep More Money in your pockets by reducing money leaks and maximizing tax savings. 

Avoid Tax Issues

Avoid Tax Issues by keeping you compliant with all taxing authorities related to your business.

Gain Financial Freedom

By creating a solid strategy to grow your business and conquer your financial goals.

Build and Protect Wealth

Utilizing asset protection and tax planning vehicle to secure the bag the long term.

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KNOW YOUR MONEY HONEY Money Management Planner

Ease your entrepreneurial financial challenges, become more prudent in your business spending habits, plan properly, keep your books in order, and utilize proven methods of keeping your business finances in check with your Know Your Money Honey Budget, Cash Flow and Money Management planner. 

Whether you are just starting our in business, been in business for a few years but don't have a money management system in place, or you're not ready to use a cloud based accounting or bookkeeping software, then this planner is for you. 


KNOW YOUR MONEY HONEY for Entrepreneurs Membership

Are you a goal oriented and success driven entrepreneur or business owner who's ready to level up and run your business like a savvy CEO? 

Our Know Your Money Honey entrepreneur membership program was created to help you achieve that and more. 

Increase your financial IQ and develop the financial management skills needed to run and operate efficient, effective and sustainable business while receiving the support and accountability.



Are you a growing and/or established business owner who wants:

  • clarity on where you are at financially,
  • the financial components of your business to be organized, thriving, and fully aligned with how you run the rest of your business, and
  • confidence in your future with full support of a business manager and financial coach?

Get full one-on-one holistic business financial guidance that will allow you to work from a place of financial power and ownership while confidently moving forward with clarity in your business.

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Untitled design (20).pngAshley D. Harris is not your “average” finance and accounting professional. She is the vibrant, creative and energetic Founder and CEO of Behind the Numbers Financial Consulting, LLC, a boutique financial consulting and business management firm and the Know Your Money Honey brand. 

Known as the Holistic CFO and Business Financial Educator, Ashley uses her 15+ years of financial and managerial accounting, audit, tax and personal finance experience to coach, train, and consult growth oriented and financial success driven entrepreneurs on how to implement financial systems in their business that will help them achieve long term business growth, sustainable profits, and consistent cash flow while ensuring their personal finances are healthy as well. 

She also helps entrepreneurs increase their financial IQ by teaching on business finance fundamentals that will help them to become financially savvy CEO’s and make sound decisions. 

Ashley's business and personal money management mottos are: 

1) Know Your Money, Know Your Numbers, Grow Your Business
2) Plan Now. Budget Accordingly. Save Money. Spend Wisely.

She’s the business financial and tax expert you need  on your team.