There’s nothing like FREE!  It makes everything better….or does it? 

Let’s just play out a scenario.  You find a free family event that boasts about free food for your attendance only 30 minutes away and all you have to do is watch their presentation.  You spend $20 in gas just to travel for free food and when you arrive, you find that what they want you to buy costs too much AND the food is inedible due to bad cooks or even bad meat, wilted veggies, and sour sides….or worse, it wasn’t free food, it was simply cookies and coffee.  Now you’ll have to drive back with your family of 4 and buy them something to eat (worth $20 with 3 items each from a value menu) on the ride home.  That’s $40 you spent on the word free which you needed for the remainder of the week in order to have enough gas in the car, tolls, and your coffee and roll every morning.  Let’s not forget the hour you and your family spent traveling there and back PLUS the extra 8 minutes it took for everyone to figure out their order and pick it up from the drive through window which cost you to be 68 minutes late in responding to a quote request that would have bought you and your family a great vacation with great food and plenty leftover to keep the business running.  All you can do now is hope that they haven’t gone anywhere else to purchase the services you provide and the stress that comes with hoping they haven’t costs you a good mood until you hear back from your prospective client.

Do you see my point?  Free is not always FREE!

 It’s important that you realize what’s important to you so that you make the right decisions with your time, energy, and money for yourself and the people you love and care for.  As business owners, we depend on each sale to help us leverage with other businesses until we become the leader and when we choose to take a shortcut, it costs us this very objective.

Not only will you start to see the adverse affects of taking shortcuts but so will your customers and clients.  When you take a shortcut to FREE it costs you and when you can’t provide excellence, your customers and clients expect you to lower your prices based on the level of service you’re providing and guess what, if you don’t lower your prices, they are bold enough to ask you to do so or go somewhere else.

Who would have ever thought that a shortcut to FREE could cost this much?

If you’re a wise business owner with the potential for great success, you’ll invest in your business by learning all you can on your own AND outsource to great experts in the areas that you aren’t knowledgeable in. 

These experts aren’t free!  Instead, they understand their value and while they are willing to give, they are still confident in their ability to get the job done according to your personal business needs the same way you value what you offer to your customers and are confident in what you provide to make their lives easier and happier.

Make the choice to always invest greatly in your business and you’ll always have a great return in income and a great return of loyal customers.

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