How A Tax Professional Can Help Your Small Business

In this era of DIY tax software and accounting programs, most small business owners will tend to go this route to cut cost. There is absolutely no problem in doing so, especially if your small business taxes and bookkeeping are relatively simple to prepare and record and you have general knowledge of accounting and tax law. Even with a simple business return mistakes can be made and certain deductions can be missed. Regardless if the business return is simple or complex, tax law is ever changing and not always black and white. Thus, getting good tax help can translate into money for your business. See how a tax professional can help you below:


  1. Information and professional opinion/advice:  Because tax professionals research, study, and educate themselves on small business tax law day in and day out, he or she has sound knowledge and expertise in the field. Thus he or she can provide you with the information and advice you need that can help you make important small business tax decisions.
  2. Recordkeeping and Bookkeeping. Most small business owners don't like this part of business. But it's something that has to be done if you want to know your numbers and keep good financial records for tax purposes. A tax professional can help you setup a recordkeeping and bookkeeping system tailored to your specific business. It's worth the investment and will save you time to handle other business tasks.
  3.  Tax preparation and planning. Most businesses can generally benefit from having a professional prepare their small business tax forms. Even if you self-prepare, at least run your documents by a tax professional. The tax professional can identify and point out tax deductions that you or your software may have missed, highlight red flags that might get you into trouble, and provide you with tax planning strategies.
  4.  Provide help and advice when dealing with the IRS. If you have ever dealt with the IRS on your own or currently dealing with the IRS, a tax professional can provide you with the help you need by offering advice and tips on corresponding with the IRS.

 So you now see that a tax professional can be very valuable to your small business. Not just during tax time, but year-round. Don't be afraid to seek the help you need from a tax professional.


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